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Providing reliable data feeds to the Flare Network

Delegate your votes and start earning rewards


Our mission is to provide reliable, accurate data to both Flare and Songbird Networks, whilst offering the best possible rewards to our delegators.

Cloud Based Infrastructure

Our architecture is designed to ensure a stable and reliable service, targeting 100% uptime.

Secure, Reliable and Risk-free

Your tokens always remain in your custody, giving you full piece of mind around the security of your assets.

Data Science Specialists

With vast amounts of data available to us, with have a dedicated team focused on developing and refining our algorithms, ensuring we provide the most accurate prices to the network.


We work tirelessly to ensure we can offer the most competitive rewards amongst all Signal Providers.


Delegate your votes and start earning rewards

You can use any of the following options to delegate your votes to us:





1. Using the Flare portal


2. Directly on the Songbird / Flare explorers (see our tutorial video at the bottom of this page).

3. Using the Bifrost mobile app

  • How can I delegate my votes?
    There are two parts to this process. Firstly, you need to wrap your SGB or FLR tokens into wSGB or wFLR respectively. This is a very simple task and can be done via the Flare Networks delegation portal, using your Bifrost Wallet or directly on from the Songbird/Flare explorer, by connecting your MetaMask wallet. Check out the tutorial video below to see how it's done. Once you have wrapped your tokens you can then delegate your vote power to a Signal Provider, to start earning rewards. Again, this can be done using any of the above tools.
  • Where can I check the performance of the different Signal Providers?
    The performance data of each Signal Provider is available to see on the blockchain, however only the most tech savvy will be able to easily pull this data and present it in a user-friendly manner. There are a few third-party sites that have already done a great job at doing this and a few examples are listed below:
  • Are my tokens safe during the delegation process?
    Yes. Your tokens always remain in your custody, giving you piece of mind that your assets are safe. Of course, as with all self-custody wallets, you need to always remain vigilant and never give out your seed phrases to anyone.
  • Are my tokens locked whilst they are delegated?
    No, your tokens are never locked and can be used for any purpose, bearing in mind that if the tokens are removed from your wallet when the vote delegation lock occurs, then they will no longer be delegated and you will stop earning rewards.
  • How do I claim rewards?
    After each rewards epoch has come to an end, you will be able to claim any rewards accrued during this period. The claiming process will differ slightly, depending on the wallet/dApp you use. Check the wallets summary on the Flare website for more information.
  • What is Flare?
    Flare is a layer-1 smart contract blockchain, that enables secure interoperability between other blockchains, enabling digital assets and on-chain information to flow freely.
  • What is Songbird?
    Songbird is Flare's 'Canary' network. It is its own main-net, where the native tokens (SGB) have real value. The Songbird network is used to test core components and new features, before being deployed onto the Flare network.
  • How does the FTSO system work?
    The Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) is a decentralised on-chain mechanism that is designed to provide real-world information to the Flare network. You can find a more detailed overview on how it works, here.
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